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Scuba diving is serious fun and we want you to enjoy it as much as we do. Dive Site’s certification program is designed to get you, your family, and friends into the water as quickly and safely as possible. Our Student-Centered Learning means your dive program is tailored to your needs and is centered around your safety and fun. In a relaxed, stress-free small class setting our experienced team can focus on your individual training needs. With only 2 class and 2 pool sessions you will be ready for your exciting open water weekend at the lake. As a courtesy to our students Dive Site Provides Free DAN Student Insurance while becoming an open water certified scuba diver. 

Dive Site 2022 SSI Recreational Course Price Sheet

Dive Site 2022 SSI SCUBA Diver Bundles

Dive Site 2022 SSI & PADI Courses & Specialties

Dive Site 2022 SSI Professional Course Price Sheet

2022 SSI course Pricing



Level 1 – Open Water Diver $315.00
Level 2 – Specialty Diver $215.00
Level 3 – Advanced Open Water $365.00
Diver Stress & Rescue $85.00
React Right-CPR/First Aid/AED/O2 $140.00
NITROX/EAN $175.00
Refresher/Update $  75.00
Other specialties

$85.00 – $350.00


Study At Home

Dive Site’s certification programs utilize a dynamic Independent Home-Study system with regularly or individually scheduled academic review and pool sessions. This allows you to learn when you are ready to learn and makes the in-class review sessions much more effective and fun. You’ll develop your skills confidently, safely, and feeling totally at ease with our self-paced style of skill development. Your student kit contains text/work book, cordura zippered log book and vinyl waterproof dive tables and video.

Do you want to dive on shallow reefs or see what lives at 100 feet deep? How about trying Nitrox(an oxygen enriched mixture) to increase your safety? Whatever your goals are for your diving adventures, Dive Site has a training program to enhance your experience, and increase your safety.

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