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Protect Your Warranty

Whether you dive once a year or you are in the water every weekend your equipment should be serviced at least once a year. Our certified scuba technician will properly disassemble, clean, replace needed parts, reassemble, adjust and test your equipment. Remember, servicing your equipment once a year keeps your manufacturers warranty in effect. Bring your equipment in today to insure that it will perform flawlessly at your next dive destination.

Service Rates:

Here are a few of the brands we perform warranty and/or service repair work on:
Atomic Aquatics • Sherwood • Zeagle • Genesis • TUSA • Akona •  Dacor • Deep See • DUI • Henderson Aquatics • Ikelite • JBL • Mares •  Pelican • Princeton Tec • Reefmaster • Sea and Sea • Sea Pearls • Underwater Kinetics • Oceanic • Aqualung

If you don’t see your brand listed, come on by or give us a call. (918) 664-5717

Regulators – Warranty and Non-Warranty:

1st Stage and 1 second stage: $65.00 plus parts if not under warranty.   Overnight Service add $50.00
1st Stage and 2 second stages: $90.00 plus parts if not under warranty.   Overnight Service add $50.00


BCDs – Warranty and Non-Warranty:


General BC service $20.00 plus parts if not under warranty


Tanks:  (Aluminum tanks made prior to July 1988 require Eddy Current testing to check for cracks in the threads. AS OF JANUARY 1, 2023 WE WILL NO LONGER PROVIDE SERVICE. WE ARE SORRY FOR INCONVENIENCE)

Hydrostatic Test Only $24.00
Hydrostatic Test and Visual Inspection $32.00
Hydrostatic Test, Visual Inspection and Air fill: $37.00
Visual Inspection and air fill: $17.00
Air fill $9.00
Nitrox fill: Starting at $18.00