Protect Your Warranty

Whether you dive once a year or you are in the water every weekend your equipment should be serviced at least once a year. Our certified scuba technician will properly disassemble, clean, replace needed parts, reassemble, adjust and test your equipment. Remember, servicing your equipment once a year keeps your manufacturers warranty in effect. Bring your equipment in today to insure that it will perform flawlessly at your next dive destination.

Service Rates:

Here are a few of the brands we perform warranty and/or service repair work on:
Atomic • Sherwood • Zeagle • Genesis • TUSA • Akona • Amphibious Outfitters • Dacor • Deep See • DUI • Henderson Aquatics • Ikelite • JBL • Mares • Ocean Reef • Ocean Technology Systems • Pelican • Princeton Tec • Reefmaster • Sea and Sea • Sea Pearls • Underwater Kinetics

If you don’t see your brand listed, come on by or give us a call. (918) 664-5717

Regulators – Warranty and Non-Warranty:

1st Stage and 1 second stage: $45.00 plus parts if not under warranty.   Overnight Service add $30.00
1st Stage and 2 second stages: $60.00 plus parts if not under warranty.   Overnight Service add $30.00


BCDs – Warranty and Non-Warranty:


General BC service $20.00 plus parts if not under warranty


Tanks:  (Aluminum tanks made prior to July 1988 require Eddy Current testing to check for cracks in the threads)

Hydrostatic Test Only $20.00
Hydrostatic Test and Visual Inspection $27.00 or  $35.00   If Eddy Current Test is required
Hydrostatic Test, Visual Inspection and Air fill: $34.00 or  $42.00   if Eddy Current Test is required
Visual Inspection and air fill:  $14.00 or  $22.00   If Eddy current test is required
Air fill $7.00
Nitrox fill:  $12.00